Provide users with the most friendly sense of platform , safe and reliable operation, professional and efficient service


  • Digital asset platform

    Project account directly manage the project market and control the market situation
    Put customers first,To establish investor protection fund
    Provide the stable value of output for community users

  • Multiply security barrier

    Defense DDOS attacks a system and Professional distributed architecture
    The real name authentication、SMS、Google Authenticator security and assurance
    Cold Wallet and Multiple signature mechanism

  • Reliable one-stop service

    Efficient matching engine offer the fastest trading experience
    Independent research and development the Transaction Platform has patent property
    Work with top teams as Field of network security regularly

  • Humanized service mode

    Support multilingual and multi-currency
    High liquidity、asset turnover fast and trading unblocked
    efficientibility,problem response quickly


  • General user

    Cash deposit institution public
    More income approach
    Apply for the project account
    Apply for the community

  • Community user

    Commission income
    Independent DNS configuration
    Become a community manager

  • Project user

    Multidimensional data display
    Platform's exclusive support policy
    Self-service release the currency,Market allocation
    Independent DNS configuration


The MxsEx ecosystem formed by the ecological investment and cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the global block chain industry is centered around the trading business .MxsEx.COM will strive to create a global ecological business division, responsible for MxsEx global ecological strategy planning and implementation of the specific worldwide implementation.